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RACE (Reliable Automation and Control Environment) developed an embedded ICT platform to enable autonomous driving. It allows the development of (new) functions for vehicles based on software and utilizing a standardized (RACE) hardware platform (instead of requiring a dedicated function-specific ECU hardware).


RACE platform replaces dedicated functional ECUs

  • Enables easy, fast and cheap integration of (new) vehicle functions through SW
  • Reduced complexity through open, standardized RACE platform:
    - Lower number of hardware components

    - Less wiring
  • Multi-use of sensors and actuators (standard HW components) for several functions
  • Fulfilling high safety & reliability standards (ISO26262) including fail operational behavior
  • Plug&Play capability, non-intrusive fault injection
  • Allows stepwise integration, starting with replacing selected functions up to full functionality


RACE fulfills today’s as well as future requirements for highly automated/autonomous Driving